About This Web Site

This web site is all about animals, forests, trees, squirrels, beavers, mammals and stories related to the wonderful animal kingdom and their natural habitats on Planet Earth. The main aim of this web site is not only to share interesting info. and fun facts about these wonderful animals, but also to teach people to respect and love all creatures of Earth. Only through mutual respect and love for the environment, nature and all the beings that inhabit this planet, will human beings be able to truly live in peace and harmony.

On the many pages and posts posted on this web site, the reader will be able to find not only useful and interesting information and general facts about squirrels, but also about other kinds of rodents, mammals and animals in general, as well as their natural habitat such as forests, jungles, etc. This web site is dedicated to presenting info. about the fascinating animal kingdom.

There is available info as well as stories about animals in general, so if you are interested in animals, nature, outdoor activities, the environment, life and our planet in general, keep on reading. It is worth noting that not all the information found here might be up to date, so, for further reading, we encourage the reader to look up more information by doing further research like at your public libraries, etc. We hope that you enjoy the reading and are able to understand animals and nature in the way that the writers of this web site do.