Fact or Fiction – Do Mice Really Like Cheese?

Ever since you were born, you have been reading and hearing about how mice like cheese, and that the best way to catch a mouse is to set a trap with a small piece of cheese attached to it. If you visit an exterminator or a pet shop, they will readily tell you that mice are actually not so fond of cheese. In fact, they would rather avoid certain types of cheese altogether.

Animals have a rat-152162_960_720heightened sense of smell, especially when it comes to animals like mouse. Some kinds of cheese are actually known to give off odours which are actually repulsive to certain species of mice.

According to a recent study by Dr. David Holmes of Manchester University, mice will eat anything and even off odor giving cheese when they are hungry, and like to nibble on anything they can sink their teeth in. However, most mice like to eat grains, sweet stuff and even fruits. It was also found in the study that mice sometimes like to eat other smaller insects and animals.

Cheese was invented around 10,000 years ago, but mice have been in existence long before that and hence, they are more tuned to eating stuff that they are used to since before that type of food came around.

There is no concrete evidence available to support any one particular theory as to how “mice like cheese” came into existence, but there are speculations. Dr. Holmes believes that the theory may have come from some ancient mythological legend as mice are frequently part of such legends.

So the next time you are trying to catch a mouse, remember that though they do eat cheese when hungry, it is not their favorite food and they rather have something else! You are better off using something made from grains or a piece of fruit. For more information on mice and their behaviour, visit grampiansquirrelgroup.co.uk.