More about Rodents

more-about-rodentsAs mentioned before, squirrels and rodents are not only socially complex animals that develop strong ties with other members of their societies as well as with other animals and humans. They are also highly intelligent, sentient beings that can communicate and have feelings, just like humans. Even if rodents have not developed the same language skills as humans have, they are still able to communicate with and understand each other and with other animals.

Perhaps, they may not be able to convey more complex concepts or ideas related to the human world, but they are certainly able to convey feelings and emotions such as love, happiness, empathy, sadness, fear, playfulness, curiosity, etc. One such kind of rodent is the rabbit. Rabbits are among the fastest, most agile rodents on planet Earth, and also they are well equipped with the biggest hearing devices that one could wish for, namely bunny ears.

Speaking of rabbits, many a person might wonder: what is the difference between bunnies and rabbits? Essentially, bunnies are young rabbits, so virtually there is no difference between them. Other people claim that bunnies are domesticated rabbits that people keep as pets. Although Bugs Bunny, the Warner Bros. character is neither a pet nor a youngster, so why is our carrot loving friend referred to as a bunny then?

The answer probably lies with his creator, but one could guess that it is because Bugs Bunny started as a character in a cartoon for children. Since bunny is a sort of endearing term used to referred to rabbits, then it is only natural that they would choose this name to appeal to young children and portray the character as a cute one, despite his cunning, cheeky personality. What they got totally right about the character is the fact that indeed, rabbits are incredibly smart animals.