More Interesting Facts about Rodents

more-interesting-facts-about-rodentsIn the previous page, there is lots of information regarding rodents that are subject to lab tests and a lifetime of terror, despair and pain. Unfortunately, these poor little creatures are used and treated like objects, discarded as if their lives were not worth anything. These rodents can be any kind of species, from rabbits, guinea pigs to rats and mice. There is an animated TV series produced by Warner Brothers Animation, in conjunction with Steven Spielberg, which aired for about two years, back in the 90s.

The cartoon mentioned above is none other than Pinky & the Brain, which first was featured as a part of the animated TV series Animaniacs but, due to its rapid growth and popularity, got its own show. The main characters of Pinky & the Brain are two lab mice who have been genetically altered and have therefore developed complex speech and language abilities. It is obvious that the show is a comedy and even a sort of parody, due to its bizarre, funny, lighthearted tone. However, some people have pointed out to the fact the show is a sort of critique towards the common practice of performing cruel experiments on rodents and mammals in labs. It is showing light on the fact that rodents are actually extremely smart, sentient beings capable of feeling emotions and feelings just like anyone else.

Pinky and Brain live in a cage inside a research facility at Acme Labs. Brain is a short, egocentric, dark, ambitious and extremely intelligent mouse with a really big head who is always plotting and scheming towards conquering the world. Pinky, on the other hand is definitely not as smart as Brain but instead is good hearted, silly, funny and selfless. Every episode, Brain comes up with a new plan to take over the world but always fails.