Other Rodents of Interest

other-rodents-of-interestWe mentioned before that rodents have incredible abilities, among them establishing socially complex relationships with each other and with other animals and human beings, their intelligence and ability to solve problems and to learn from their mistakes really quickly. We have also mentioned their incisors are in a state of constant growth, which means that they need to be constantly nibbling, gnawing and chewing on stuff, whether food, wood or other materials. We have also mentioned how much they love seeds, fruits nuts and leafy green veggies and how some of them have these incredible cheek pouches in which they can store a lot of food to prepare for the winter or save it for later (like bringing a lunch box to school or to work).

Among the rodents that have cheek pouches in which they can store stuff (mostly food), we can also mention hamsters. Hamsters are domesticated rodents that make wonderful pets and they have been evolving and developing with people for thousands of years. In fact, rats, mice and hamsters are among the most intelligent rodents in the world and they can be taught to do a lot of things. Hamsters can be potty trained, taught to perform tricks and even to help out people with disabilities. It is worth noting that hamsters are also great at cuddling and they enjoy this activity with each other, with humans and with other animals. Hamsters can develop strong, emotional bonds with other animals, especially with their parents and siblings, and, of course, with humans too.

Nowadays, most hamsters on Earth are mostly pets and domesticated and there are barely any wild hamsters left. Even if they are incredibly smart, and their survival instincts strong, and they also learn to store food since childhood, they might have a hard time surviving alone in the wild.