Rodents and Tests

rodents-and-testsIn the previous post, we have mentioned that rodents such as lab rats and mice have to endure a lifetime of captivity, pain and cruelty, due to all the tests performed on them for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The truth is that these tests are no longer needed, given that we humans have come a long way in terms of technology. We have way better resources at our disposal that can be used to test those pharmaceutical or cosmetic products without hurting anyone or inflicting pain and suffering on others.

The only problem is that companies, as is to be expected from capitalism, only care about generating as large profits as possible with total disregard of human or animal life, not to mention our planet and the environment. The reason why these companies keep using animals to test on for their new drugs or cosmetics is because it is cheaper and because no stronger laws that protect animals rights and well being have yet been developed. What you as a single individual can do is make sure to buy products that have been labeled as originating from cruelty free sources. Only then can you make sure that companies will start paying more attention to these issues, given that they might realize one day that they are quickly losing customers, and that the only way to adapt to modern society is by not violating anyone’s rights, be it humans or animals.

The road may seem long and full of obstacles, but if you really want to make a difference, it is possible. One can simply look at where we stood perhaps, 30 years ago in terms of human rights, racial issues and gender equality and realize that we have come a long way. Only through people that stand up and speak up the truth can we achieve this.