Rodents That Make for a Good Pet

Are you looking to keep a rodent as a household pet? If you are, then you have come to the right place as on this page, on the site, you will find a list with details of rodents that make for a good household pet.


Gerbils are very similar in appearance to hamsters; however they have broader heads with smaller ears and slimmer bodies. They are, on an average, eight inches long including their tail. They come in different colours like black, brown, grey, orange and white. They have a higher tendency to nip and are not suitable as pets when younger children are present in the house.

Guinea Pigsguinea-pig-208438_960_720

Guinea Pigs are also called cavies and they are cute, plump and tailless by nature. They are usually heavier than other rodents weighing at 2 pounds. They have cute rose petal shaped ears with very round eyes and an overall attractive appearance.

There are 13 different breeds of guinea pigs and they have been used as pets as well as in scientific experiments due to their intelligent and adaptable nature. They naturally recognise their caretakers and whistle at them when they approach them. Their lifespan ranges from five to eight years on average.


Hamsters are one of the most commonly kept house pet when it comes to rodents. They are recognised in gold, white, cream, cinnamon, sable, black and grey colors. They have large round eyes, measure around 5 inches with a stock body and their ears are always erect. They are also nibblers and do not like to be held.


They are rather attractive in appearance with fur tails and lush coated body. They have large erect ears that they use to fan themselves and large round eyes. They are only found in grey or beige colours with a lighter under body color.